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Force represents the strong power. Speaking of the proud Nike Air Force series, you must first think of the most representative of the Air Force 1. Air Force 1 has been with the fundamental exquisite workmanship technology of Nike. Recently the Nike brand has released the another classic Air Force III Low Shoes series. Nike Air Force One has been deeply rooted in basketball. Many famous basketball players endorse this series shoe. Of course, this series shoes have the classic signs of Nike. It is an experience, a bridge connecting with nike culture. With the shoes of constantly updated, global fashion people constantly sought for it. It has become a kind of all-matched shoes for fashionista and it is absolutely necessary fashion accessory. It is also a work of art.

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Nike Air Force Store Canada

Nike Air Force 1 Canada: NIKE Air Force 1 is the first series of using air cushion technology in the history of basketball shoes. It is the most important one in nike basketball series shoes and also shared reputation with the United States Air Force One presidential plane.

Nike Air Force 180: Through a variety of basketball matches, a lot of people with an insight into the real charm of basketball. This shoe is under a retro fashion sense. Air Force 180 shoes are also divided into high-top, low-top and mid-top.

Nike Air Force 25: Nike air force 25 was officially sold in the global market in 2007, it is commemorating the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Nike air force shoes. It incorporates with nike basketball knowledge, history and experience of athletes within these years.

Nike Air Force 2: Compared to the air force 2, people prefer air force 1 series shoe. But recently, the NIKE company plans to launch air force 2 engraved version, and this action perhaps can arouse people's interest in this series.

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